Picking scabs, tearing stiches.

I have had to heal my own wounds and have had to stitch myself back up alone sometimes. It has not been easy to see myself hurt and stay strong enough to not give up and lay there bleeding to death.

Some scabs I rather not pick and let them heal completely even tho walking around with  a scab does not make me feel completely healed nor pretty. A scab is a constant reminder of how you got that wound in the first place. A scab you have to tip toe around it and be very careful not to tear a corner. A scar is harder to see, you don’t have to be as careful around it, but also takes you back to the day you were freshly bleeding out.

Having a freshly stitched up wound and have a stitch clipped, opens up the wound just enough to allow it to get infected and to have it bleed out again. What ever oozes out is not a good sign and I just want it to stop quickly.

When ever im feeling hurt I think of all my wounds and scars. I get startled when I find out that I’ve been hurt in the same area before. However, I try my hardest to heal my self fast. I think I’m becoming good at doing so.

Sometimes I just want to play victim and lay there bleeding till someone rescues me… but strong-minded people like me just do NOT do that!

In life I have learned that the road is bumpy and that falling down is accepted, but you must get up and get back on the road.

We have to love ourself! I think of my scars and wounds as art on my body. They remind me that I’ve been through so much and feel strong knowing that I’m still standing! So I tell my self often, even with tears running threw my cheeks.. “Maria, you could get through this just like the last time!”

The scars and wounds have helped me be the strong woman  I am today.

Some wounds are bigger than others, some heal much slower and painfully then others.

So to the ones who claim to love me and the ones I love, please try not to pick my scabs or tear my stitches, as those are the ugliest scars and most painful wounds I’ve had to deal with.



Let’s all be Trendy

We all have experienced different trends,  whether it’s in fashion or sales and profit margins.

When a new trend comes up, everyone tries to be part of it.  If it’s a piece of fashion, for example those choker necklaces or the ripped jeans. You can go on a walk around your neighborhood and point out this trend on people right away. Even if we stay indoors, social media shows us whats new and trendy, and celebrities are highly targeted to be the first to start the new fashion ideas. If it’s on social media and celebrities are wearing it, we all want to wear it, it’s popular to do so. Every fashion store has the newest trendy clothes out on display to attract customers and let them know that is the newest trend out there.

What if we could become our own human trend. Meaning we become our best human self and encourage others to be like you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have “being kind to others” be a trend? What if we could gather the best qualities of a human and make that a human trend? Would people follow that trend?

We could have blogs, podcast, and speakers talk about being your best human self. We could have this talk with our friends, so they can spread the word. If we could get a group of celebrities even 5, to talk about this openly, and actually have social media show this side of them, it would be an amazing impact.  Lets have a hip song about this play constantly on the radio.

I encourage everyone to be their own human trend. Lets all be our best self, be what this world needs, be popular, and be contagious so other want to have what you have.

Be the kind of brand that everyone wants to have and be like. Stand out, be the brand that everyone wants to imitate.

So what do you guys think will make a great human? Who wants to start this human brand with me?

Let’s get started! Let’s be trendy!

Than You for reading…

Maria Preciado

Embrace the goodness

The Sparkle in her eyes. They are of a soft brown. Now they’re a  different shade of brown I’ve never seen and her stare is deep.

Could it be tears forming making her eye glisten? Could it be the light she finally sees at the end of her tunnel vision?

The smile on her face. She always had a smile in her face, even when she cried, but now it looks like a full mouth upgrade.

Could it be she is in auto pilot like a person with a nicely done Botox that is stuck in a perfect smile position?  Could it be she now smiles because she really is happy?

Her Body. She always kept herself about average. Now she even looks taller.

Could it be she is now trying too hard to be different, walking on extra height heels making herself feel like she is above others? Could it be she dropped the heavy packages she dragged along, finally allowing her to stretch her back take a deep breath, allowing her to walk straight.

We can always see the good or bad in everyone. It’s good to see both, but you do need to choose which way you want to look at things in order to move forward. We need to set ourself free. Sometimes the biggest critics are our own self.

Thank you for reading.

-With a smile,

Maria Preciado

Be a little light in a dark world.

I found myself walking in a dark world. I could barely see. I saw just a little light beaming thru my little shattered heart.

I walked some more and bumped into others who pointed at my heart and looked at me as if I was different. They seemed lost with no light to guide them, and I could tell they were afraid. Afraid to move in fear of them falling, afraid to what they might encounter up ahead. Fairly sad, i thought, and I did not want to be stuck with them.

Some people I stumbled upon asked if they could walk besides me since I had some light guiding what was in front of my feet. As much as I didn’t want to feel use, I much rather not walk alone.

I felt my light beam get a little brighter as I helped guide others. I saw a little light beam spark in their hearts too. Shortly after they had their own spark of light they drifted away, as they no longer needed me. I smiled at them and wished them well, and my heart light beamed brighter.

I was not afraid to walk alone anymore, I had enough light in me to see my path. I enjoyed being alone sometimes and on the way I would stop to help others get up off the floor.

My light beam was enlightening.

Some say the world is still a dark place, I don’t disagree but I don’t see pure darkness anymore. I go in the direction I choose.

I encourage everyone to brighten their inner light and shine on. Do not let that light run out till you can’t walk straight without stumbling.

If the flowers up ahead seem gray I give them their color back too. Someone will always be watching to capture the moment.

Thank you for reading!

Still shining, Maria Preciado




Lounging at Starbucks

I became addicted to coffee once I tried an Iced Caramel Latte at Starbucks. I would walk in every day, knew everyone working by name and they knew my name along with my favorite drink.  They would have my drink ready every morning before I even got there. It became even more addictive once I actually started getting to know the baristas based on the 2 min. morning conversations as they took my order.

Sometimes I didn’t really need the coffee but I would go anyways. I like to stop by and say hi to the baristas and observe all the people lounging at Starbucks with their laptops.

I watched people with newspapers scattered on their table.  I wondered why not just read your newspaper at home on their couch? or is their home life so miserable that they have to get away?

I watched young stressed out students with books and papers, typing away. It takes some dedication and sacrificing to stay in school. You must work your brain all for a fair chance of a brighter future.

Sometimes I would see a young man studying his bible, and that hit a soft spot for me. I never told him but, “wow!” Great for him to stand up for what he believed in. Not many could do that, and yet he was there alone with no shame looking peaceful.

My favorite to watch were those very random type of people typing on their laptops. I would come in very discreetly looking for those people. They seemed to stand out and not blend in. I wanted to be that random person to typing on my laptop.

I would love to come sit there and just write my thoughts for a living. As I turned away from those people to head to my full-time job, there was always almost a sickening feeling in my stomach. I wanted to stay with them and write!

It didn’t take too long before reality would slap me,  it happened every time! ” Maria, you can’t sit here on your laptop and write down your thoughts! You need to go to work to make money, to pay for your basic living! Till this day that thought brings a tear to my eyes.

I was living a very basic life. I would wake up, go to work, work hard, go home, cooked, cleaned up, run errands, barely had time for one tv show, yet alone do anything that I was passionate about. I went to bed to wake up and do this all over again. I desperately looked forward to anything outside of my regular routine. I still didn’t make enough money, I was always behind on stuff or something would always come up. I was not living luxuriously, at the time I was living in a studio. I knew I wanted more. I knew I could do more! On the weekends I did stuff that either I was not excited about or not what I really wanted to do,  but I was happy just doing something different than working for somebody else.

Nobody encouraged me to do more, to be better, and to chase my dreams or passion. Many would tell me I was sweet, kind,  a smart girl, and hard-working. To me that meant, just keep doing what you are doing and maybe somehow you will get lucky and catch a break.

Well, NO! I can’t let any more time go by and being stuck in the same routine. We are not meant to be stuck in a cycle that we are not completely happy with. I want to wake up every day eager to get started in doing what I’m passionate about and staying up late not wanting for the night to end because I need more hours in the day to finish my work.

We are all capable of this power. it starts with you wanting it. Maybe we have to go observe other people or walk the streets, or see new horizons in order for you to find that gut feeling that will let you know what your true passion could be.

It’s never too late or too early. Once you get that thought in your head that you could do bigger and better, and you start becoming passionate about something… break that cycle. You might have to wake up a little earlier, socialize less, party less, sleep less… but hey I did all that already in my basic life so what are you really sacrificing?

So today I find myself at the Starbucks that started it all for me and guess what?

I’m  a random person sitting in a corner smiling, loving life, typing away on my computer!

I don’t have money, I’m not living luxuriously, I still do have a basic life, but I’m also doing something that makes ME feel good inside, makes ME feel important and accomplished.

Lounging at Starbucks is inspiring for me. No matter how many people come and go, I’m in my own bubble doing what I love. Everyone is here doing something important for them even if that means just stopping by for a cup of coffee, that’s where I started, now I’m the one lounging!

Remember God is good and we are all uniquely special! We are created by God and he makes no mistakes. No other one like yourself, even identical twins are different.

Live, Love, Laugh

Maria Preciado

Holding My Breath In Tunnels.


I can’t come close to counting how many times I hold my breath underneath tunnels trying to make a wish come true. Placing my hand on my chest, I wished so bad to marry the guy I once loved. My eyes would twinkle with tears at the though of me on my wedding day. The tunnels in town must have known me and my silly wish. Sometimes I shouted my dream as I drove by the tunnel alone in my car, and sometimes I just sincerely wished it with all my heart. I saw it as a hope and an increase in my chances.

Well, my wish didn’t come true and I’m thankful. The tunnels must have seen something better for me. They must have seen my tears and realized that I didn’t deserve to waste all my wishes on a man who wasn’t making the same wish to marry me. I didn’t know that at the time, but after years and years went by I started noticing that making this wish was actually starting to be painful.

I now drive thru those same tunnels and just breath. I no longer bother to waste my time or a gasp of fresh air. I smile and thank them for evaluating my silly dream and not making it happen. I realized that the man I want to marry needs to sacrifice a few wishes on me. The man of my dreams needs to pray to God, and beg through those tunnels holding his breath, that I say YES to one day marry him.

I still believe in making wishes underneath tunnels. I just now thing that every wish is evaluated and those that are not meant to be will not come true. So why invest in one wish? Go ahead and wish whatever your heart desires. Make several wishes and the one that is meant for you will come true. Use the tunnels to just breath and see the light at the end of the tunnel.




Thank you for reading!


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